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Experience hassle-free shipping to Pakistan from Dubai with our reliable Pakistan Cargo Service. Trust us for smooth cross-border logistics and timely deliveries!

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In cargo services, standard packing is essential for safe and efficient transportation, including Pakistan cargo. It involves using sturdy containers and proper cushioning to protect items from damage during transit, ensuring reliable and timely deliveries. Book now and ensure your shipments arrive safely and on time!

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Relocating houses, schools, or offices? Leave the hassle to us! Our experienced movers ensure a smooth and stress-free transition to your new location. Trust in our expertise for a seamless moving experience. Pakistan Cargo Offer Expert Packers & Movers - Home and Office and School Relocation Made Easy!

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Pakistan Cargo D2D Services

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Pakistan Cargo Moving Goods and Emotions Across Borders Since 2014

Pakistan Cargo provides a convenient and trusted service for delivering goods from Dubai to Pakistan. We are a reputable and reliable choice for both households and businesses. Our focus is on putting customers first and offering affordable services for various types of moves, such as moving homes, offices, factories, shops, and more. Our team of experienced professionals maintains high standards for cargo services from Dubai to Pakistan. We have the latest technologies and experts who handle all legal requirements.

Our services cover all major and minor destinations in Pakistan, thanks to our strong nationwide network. We specialize in commercial relocations for small and medium businesses, ensuring smooth door-to-door moves at reasonable prices. Our skilled professionals carefully pack your belongings using appropriate materials to keep them safe during the journey, whether it's a short local move or a longer distance one. Fragile items like computers and sensitive documents are given extra care.

We take our time to pack and load items properly, considering their nature. We have the necessary equipment and tools for loading and unloading large items. Additionally, we offer insurance to cover any accidental damage. We're known as a reliable Pakistan cargo service, especially for our on-time deliveries across the country.

Door To Door By Sea Pakistan Cargo Rates

Items CategoryPriceRemarks
Normal Items2.50 Darham/KGSecondhand Clothes, Cooking Tools, Blender Juicer & Taking Apart Furniture (Cabinets, etc.).
Electronic Items6 Darham/KGRefrigerator, Washer, Stove, Cooking Range & Water Dispenser, and more.
Upto 50″ LCD6 Darham/InchCustom Charges Includes. No Hidden Charges, Standard Packing
55″ To 65″ LCD12 Darham/InchCustom Charges Includes. No Hidden Charges, Standard Packing
65″ To 85″ LCD18 Darham/InchCustom Charges Includes. No Hidden Charges, Standard Packing
Tyres7 Darham/KGStandard Packing & Free Pick Up Service
Commercial Item6 Darham/KGNew Dress & Perfumes etc.
Sofa Sets7 Darham/KGSame Rates for all types.
Furniture Items3 Darham/KGStandard Packing With Free PackUp Service.
Matris4.5 Darham/KGSame Rates for all types.
Pakistan Cargo Service
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Expert, Reliable and Safe Pakistan Cargo Services from Dubai

At Pakistan Cargo Service, we offer reliable cargo services from the UAE across Pakistan. Whether you are a business or an individual, our team of experts ensures your cargo reaches on time and intact.About Us Section


Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking refers to the ability to monitor the location and status of a shipment


Shot Time Delivery

Short-time delivery refers to the delivery of goods within a short period of time, being placed.


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