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Looking for the best service in Dubai? But you are confused between the process of consolidation and distribution. You spot at the right place. Click and read more!

Optimum service od consolidation and distribution are provided by the Pakistan Cargo Service. With all the other services we are paying equal attention to the consolidation and distribution service. We provide the trust level where all the essential requirements of the customers are understood, and the commitment level is bring shown by providing great service.

You know the best thing about us, we are a well-known company all over Dubai UAE and we own this fame with hard work. We know the real value of time and what it means when it comes to consolidation and distribution service. 

But what exactly the difference between consolidation and distribution service…?


Bear me because I’m going to present the deep concept of Consolidation and Distribution. First of all, let me tell you that there is a difference between consolidation and distribution service. Yes, you read it right. Most of the people confuse the meaning of consolidation and distribution but there is a huge difference between them.


What exactly the difference?

Want to know?

Consolidation is the process in which all the products are collected from the different geographic region and delivered them to one specific place. Delivery depends upon the provided address by the customer. Delivery service is provided by loading the goods to the truck and ship them to the destination. All the process is taken with great responsibility and o time delivery is provided.

For the truckload, shipment security is provided throughout the journey and navigate the location from the different checkpoints. Three things are specially kept in our mind for the delivery of the products that include speed, time and efficiency. With these three things, we own the trust of our customers. For the proper identification of the products, we align the products in a manner where we marked them, and product labeling system is used to identify the products before and after the delivery. Sounds good?

Whereas distribution is the process in which products are collected from the one place and distributed to different places. All the locations are situated in one geographical region and shipment is provided using the truck service.


Here’s the best Part:

We provide the best services to our client and the minimum budget is provided to them where they are also able to seek our different services in an effective manner. We provide every possible facility to our customers where they can access every service to their doorstep.

Even we also provide customize budget where the different packages are offered. We have a widespread network all around Dubai and this helps to connect different customer located at different places. Managing your finance is our first priority to assemble different things at your end. Pakistan Cargo Service also offers the best quality services to the business sector that includes custom clearance as well.

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